1. Lecture at forefront research on computer science for Ph.D. candidate, Hangzhou Dianzi University, May, 2019
    Dark Learning: From Machine Learning and IoT to AI. [PPT slides]
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Teaching: Computer Science Guidance (A050113G)

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    J.Glenn Brooksheear, David T. Smith, Dennis Brylow. Computer Science: An Overview (12th Edition). Addision-Welsey.     [Download]
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Teaching: Introduction to Internet of Things Engineering (A050801G)

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    [Chapter6] [Chapter8] [Chapter9] [Chapter10] [Chapter11]
    [Chapter12] [Chapter13] [Chapter14] [Chapter15-19]
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教学: 计算科学概论与导引 (A0505290)

课外大作业     [PDF] 思考题     [PDF]